Mimecri USA is part of Ecrimesa Group, a large European metal parts manufacturer group.

A tour through our infrastructure

Metal Injection Moulding

Automatización MIM

Metal Injection Molding (MIM) is a highly versatile technology specifically designed for the production of intricate components with complex geometries in a wide range of sizes.

This advanced manufacturing method is particularly well-suited for working with various materials, including stainless steels, low alloy steels, soft magnetic materials, tooling steels, and even ceramics.

Horno continuo MIM

Our extensive experience of over 30 years producing MIM pieces enables us to deliver precise and reliable parts that meet the most demanding specifications. MimecriUSA is part of Ecrimesa Group, which was the first company worldwide to develop the process of manufacturing in a continuous furnace with catalytic debinding, in collaboration with BASF and Cremer Thermoprozessanlagen GmbH.

Investment Casting

Microfusión Fundición Cera

Investment casting offers exceptional versatility, granting significant design freedom for complex-shaped components and a wide range of alloy options. This manufacturing process excels in situations that demand flexibility in batch sizes, ensuring consistent quality and superior surface finishes across the production run.

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The exceptional surface quality of the products eliminates the need for certain final machining operations, resulting in cost savings for the components.

This technology provides increased flexibility by accommodating both small and large production quantities, while ensuring consistent quality across different production runs.

Ecrimesa Group, has more than 50 years of experience in the world of investment casting.

Metal 3D Printing

Fabricación aditiva metal

Additive Manufacturing is used for design studies, enabling us to explore different iterations and optimize the MIM process.

Our Group has seamlessly incorporated Additive Manufacturing into the production workflow, leveraging its capabilities for applications as the production of prototypes, allowing us to validate designs before committing to the manufacturing of molds.

Fabricación aditiva prototipado rápido

Moreover, this advanced technique is instrumental in producing short series of batches offering unmatched flexibility and efficiency. By harnessing the power of Additive Manufacturing, we enhance our overall production capabilities and deliver exceptional results to our clients.


Tornos de control numérico

In our headquaters we have integrated a machining plant to offer our clients fully finished pieces, with turn-key projects.

Machining service allows for the production of complex geometries, tight tolerances, and high-quality surface finishes. Machining is capable of producing both small and large-scale parts, catering to different industry needs.

Our machining facilities boast a comprehensive range of cutting-edge equipment, including horizontal machining centers from Matsuura and Mazak, vertical machining centers from Chiron, as well as numerically controlled turning machines with both motorized and non-motorized heads from Muratec and Okuma.

Moreover, our machining process adheres to the rigorous standards outlined in the IATF 16949 norm, ensuring compliance and consistent quality across our operations.

Máquinas de mecanizado vertical


We strive to exceed our customers' expectations by consistently delivering high-quality products and services that meet their demands.

Our goal is to continuously enhance the quality and productivity of our services and products, ensuring ongoing improvement and customer satisfaction.

We foster a culture of training, awareness, and active participation across our entire organization, empowering all employees to proactively prevent issues and enhance the quality of our work.