Over the last years, Ecrimesa Group has developed more than 50 projects for the aviation industry both with steel and with aluminium for Tier 1.

Certifications and experience

Our investment casting and MIM processes are certified according to EN9100:2018 for the aviation and defense sectors.

We have certified technicians for NDT controls in our plants, both radioscopy and magnetic particles or liquid penetrant investigations. The heat treatments according to the Nadcap norm are sub-contracted. We can offer Hipping services.


Experts in investment casting, MIM, machining and additive manufacturing, our technical staff counsels our clients on which technology is the most suitable for the production of the required parts, offering maximum quality, efficiency and economic cost of the process.


We comply with the special requirements of the aviation industry. Our technologies allow for the production of parts that resist the most demanding conditions and comply with the highest quality standards our clients require.


We invest in the latest technologies and machines to make our processes more and more efficient. Automation, motorization and data control, artificial vision, quality control with X-Ray and digital tomography, cobots and prototyping through 3D printing.


We offer hipping services for customers from the aviation sector if the project requires it. These services increase the integrity of the aluminium melting, increment the resistance and optimize the mechanic characteristics of the produced pieces.